Texas Faggott



Texas Faggott are Pentti Slayer and Tim Thick, a psychedelic trance project from Finland, founded in 1996 with a third member, Francoise Faggott. 

Tim has been active as a member of Flippin’ Bixies, Mandalavandalz, Flying Scorpions, Tea Chairs and others. 

Pentti has founded raggae label Fat Belt Records. They have played across the world – aside from Finland, they have played in Israel, Japan, India, Australia, USA, Mexico, New Zealand and further. The music is hilarious and serious, uplifting and chilling, and could be described as hill-billy style Psytrance.

According to Thick, the name Texas Faggott comes from a “faggott instrument”, which they used to sample on some of their tracks, however their music and bizarre stage performances suggest otherwise. The “faggott instrument” may refer to bassoon, which is called fagotti in Finnish.

Texas Faggott are considered by many of their fans to be the ‘gods’ of Finnish, or Suomi-Style Psytrance (suomisaundi), and all music that has evolved from it. The group has collaborated with the Australian project The Zealator, the Swedish project Logic Bomb, portuguese artist Snikers and the Finnish projects Mac Mavis and Mullet Mohawk. The group has also remixed songs by famous Finnish pop/rock artists, for example Ultra Bra, Kingston Wall, Hidria Spacefolk and Notkea Rotta, and others such as Capella and Eat Static.

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