Silas Neptune


Silas Neptune

Silas Neptune is the keyboard player for the UK Cult Indie band Ozric Tentacles.

Silas is a unique musician with an evocative sense of harmony and a knack for
enchanting melodies.

Navigating a range of instruments, primarily synthesizers and guitar, but also Turkish saz and fretless bass. In his hidden sonic laboratory Silas experiments with musical alchemy, creating multidimensional soundscapes which take us into the waters of imagination.

As expected, the listener tastes an
instantly recognizable flavor, akin to the parent band, but with tones of fresh new
character and a modern Electronic sound.

Since before he understood what music was, Silas was submerged in the
swirling psychedelic sounds of Ozric Tentacles, his father Ed Wynne being the
lead and founding member. As a child Silas’s bedroom was directly above Ed’s
studio and he would hear other worldly frequencies resonating the floorboards
as he drifted into Dreamtime.

Inevitably the harmonic currents surrounding him were too much to resist.

He first entered the musical domain as a guitarist
before learning keyboards and joining the Ozrics to take responsibility for a
multitude of strange noises and daring synth lines in odd time signatures.


Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th February 2022.