Økapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and  sample  cutup  artist.

Filippo has recorded several  solo  albums,  as  well as  recording  in the  duo  Metaxu  and with the trio Dogon.

He  has  performed live  for  national  Italian State radio  broadcasts  (RAI)  with  renowned avant turntablist, Christian Marclay  and collaborates with  numerous  international artists such  as Mike Cooper,  Peter Brotzmann,Mike  Patton,Matt Gustafson, Zu, Damo Suzuki, Andy  EX, Kawabata Makoto, Metamkine…

ØKapi’s album releases illustrate his unique and edgy use of turntables and computer beyond the hip-hop school of chopped up music, creating music that veers from orchestral to lounge with  quirky experimental electronics that maintain a delicate and spacious sound throughout.

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