O.O.K, originally a trio, was formed to use Suomisaundi as a method to fight against the Y2K. While O.O.K suffered a loss of two men at fight, only the founding member remaining, mission was ultimately a success: Y2K was fully prevented. 

After mission was accomplished, O.O.K’s full body of work was released free to the public, and project was shut down as unnecessary. 

A decade later, public demand arose, forcing O.O.K’s last remaining member back on stage. Reasons can only be speculated. As public demand didn’t see a decline in 8 years, O.O.K took – and is currently – on a new mission: create and play new Suomisaundi, with utmost respect to, and drawing from the original, early pioneering of the sound.  

O.O.K has since prevented a number of Y2K level catastrophes in many countries using Suomisaundi. 

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