Mikko Heikinpoika

Mikko Heikinpoika


Mikko Heikinpoika is a throat singer, multi-instrumentalist and a music
producer from Finland.

He is a part of the new wave of live musicians who by
the means of live looping and vocal layering, merge organic and electronic
music together and takes his audience on a wild ride of live energy.

His music could be called Global Bass with strong Nordic and Siberian vibes. Rooted,
tribal rhythms and ancient vocal techniques with live electronics. He is also very
involved with the Ecstatic Dance scene, both as a facilitator and a performer.

To get depth into his music, he has been travelling to Tuva to study the art of
throat singing. In 2015 he competed on a throat singing festival, called
“Khoomei in the Center of Asia” and came in third place in the modern
category. In 2018 he participated on the international throat singing symposium,
also held at Tuva, and won the prize: “Best Avant-garde Performance”.

“I experienced Mikko Heikinpoika by chance on a festival in Finland during the summer of
2014. The deeply shamanic and ancient sound of his voice pulled me in. I was then taken
on an incredible journey through looping and layering vocals, instruments and electronic
trickery, bridging the worlds of tribal past with present day electronics. I have been
keeping up with his evolution over the last years and the more I hear, the more I feel, not
only the depth and evolution of his music, but the importance of this music as a way to
connect with our future ancient past.”
                                                                             -Yaegon aka: Kalya Scintilla/Merkaba-

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