MettāKin is the music and sound design project of James Sharrock, an electronic music composer, producer and DJ originating from London, UK. 

He has been creating music for over a decade, working in a multitude of styles and genres. Known for his experimental and unique style, rich immersive atmospheres, heavy sub and ego shattering bass lines riding on a mixture of hypnotic grooves and melodies. 

MettāKin combines bass and psychedelic music styles with sounds and influences from around the earth.


Releasing with labels/collectives like: 

Outtallectuals, Visionary Shamanics Records, Street Ritual,, Synchronos Recordings, Black Tuna Recordings, Earth City Recordz, Star Records & HorsePower Productions via 4 EP’s, 1 LP and a host of solo and collaborative tracks on V/A compilations and Outtallectuals fundraiser projects/albums. 


In 2016 MettāKin joined by Baxtak played a b2b set at Ozora’s Dome, then later that summer MettāKin played an exclusive DJ set at Earth First! UK Gathering then over the next two years performing at handful of Outtallectual events in London, then returning to Earth First! 

UK Gathering again for 2017 and in 2018 MettāKin was part of the artist line-up opening the new Seed stage at MoDem festival. 

Next Gigs

Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th January 2023.