is an electronic music project by Natan Lenski from Israel.
Natan has been experimenting and producing electronic music since the beginning of 2000Õs
Blending and Mashing together all the soundscapes that inspire his life,
from Psy-Dubby Chill to Psy-Glitchy beats all covered with a layer of digital fractals.

In 2013 MantisMash was the support act of the legendary “Ozric TentaclesÓ,
on their 30 Years anniversary tour, and since then joined them for another two tours
around Europe, UK, and USA.
Mantis also been a part of ÒNodens IctusÓ, Ozric TentaclesÕs more chilled electronic project,
in its last reincarnation as this project goes back to the beginning of 90Õs.
this collaboration was performed live at London, Finland, Hungary, USA and Israel.
ÒNodes IctusÓ Album ÒThe Cosmic KeyÓ was released in 2018 through Snapper Records(UK)
including Mantis as part of the project.

MantisMash performed live at various festivals and raves in Europe, USA, UK, and Israel, including:
Ozora Festival(Hungary), Boom Town Fair(UK), Tipper & Friends(USA), Lost Theory(Croatia/Spain),
Infrasound(USA), Hadra Trance Festival(France), Twistival(Israel), S.U.N Festival(Hungary),
Momento Demento(Croatia) and more..

So far his music was released through: Merkaba Records(USA), Shanti Planti(UK), Adapted Records(AUS),
Looney Moon Experiment(IT).

Mantis had some collaborations, remixes and tracks on VAÕs
including Symbolico, Sixis, Tribone, Gumi and more.. these were released through labels like:
Sofa Beats(DEN), Hadra Records(FR), Aquatic collective(USA), MikelaBella(SP), Swamp Music(USA),
Glitch Beach Records (IL)

Enjoy the Flight

Next Gigs

Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th January 2023.