Low End



Low End is the psybass project of Pablo Pascual based in  México.

Inspired by a lot music, he has been working for years in the fusion and development of Low End, a project in which with a diversity of experimentation of textures and sounds, he tries to amalgamate all his cultural and musical influences. 

He developed at first this project with Kupuri Music, with some releases and a compilation. 

He also worked on Kupuri festival, in which with Ishdub and Luma, made an attempt to bring some downtempo/chill/experimental music into the Mexican scene, which was accomplished with very satisfying results. 

He had shared his music on festivals like MoDem, Kupuri, Vibronica, S.U.N., Ritual, WAO, The Promised Land, Aeon Gathering and Ometeotl.

Next Gigs

Nothing from 6th August 2022 to 6th August 2023.