Kirna \ Captain Kirk




Initially, Kirna had to borrow PC time from his pals to write music. In the year 2001 he got his first long awaited computer. He now could make tunes whenever he wanted and to spend as much time doing it as was needed. Many days and nights went in a haze of creating various weird and twisted compositions deriving inspiration from legendary experimental electronic music veterans and pioneers like Aphex Twin.

Soon he was introduced to the infamous Finnish electronic dance music: Suomisaundi, which in spite of its experimental approach had a very beautiful melodic edge. He was struck by the fact, that dance music as well can indeed be cool and interesting. Of course, since then, this music was the main driving force for Kirna.

Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk, from the distant future, has seen all nature being disintegrated. A decision was made to travel back in time to the year 2007. He chose Finland for the landing place as thousands of lakes and hectares of forests are located there. The plan is to start a worldwide movement by teaching Finnish aboriginal shamans futuristic music. This will spread the message of forest to modern people and save the world.

Next Gigs

Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th February 2022.