Kalumet is Zoltan Vajda from Hungary. 

One of the old-school master of storytellers of the psychedelic trance scene. 

He got involved in the mid 90’s, early enough to see the spreading of trance worldwide, to witness its transforming through the 00’s to our present time.

Considering this kind of possession of psychedelic experience, one can never be in doubt to have a very special time when he is playing, be it live act or DJ set.

Under different names such as Ork Monk, Trevor McGregor, and Tiger Punch, he traveled through half of the world to perform in special places like a cinema in Donetsk, a laundry in Cologne, a bowling alley in Tokyo, in the catacombs of Buda Castle, in the middle of Kantchanaburi lake near Bangkok, the mountains of Transylvania and Bulgaria, the forests of Lithuania and northern Russia, the magical beaches of Koh Phangan, jungles of Brazil, clubs of Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London and Moscow, all stages of Ozora, Lost Theory, chill out areas of Boom, Vuuv…

Since 2017 he only works under the name Kalumet.

His most significant releases are: 

Burlesque album (Halu Beats), The One Inch Punch album (Random Records), his compilation Freerunners (Psylife Music), his Trevor McGregor EP called Flanger City Cowboys (Horns And Hoofs Entertainment), the Ork Monk EP Speaking Stones, the Sheer Liquid Wonderment minialbum (Sangoma Records), the Jungle Juice album (Impulse Audio Records),ands latest album, Kalumet and the Acid Ocean Sailing Club (Mana Mana Records)


Next Gigs

Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th February 2022.