Trippy, humorous and storytelling – words to describe the sound of GastraxX, a freestyle psytrance
producer from Berlin, Germany.

Started in 2006, he played at a decent amount of small parties deep in the forest, as well as big
festivals like Freqs Of Nature or Second Horizon – mostly mixing DJ-sets in the beginning.
Meanwhile he began to create his own music, performing it later on. He had several releases on
labels such as PHI Records, Random Records and Horsepower Productions and collaborations with
other artists like Eremit, Decibel and Critical Taste.

Being a music-lover and drummer since he was a child, he always strives for an interesting
approach in music, playing around with different styles, breaking borders and combining elements.
Music that isn’t about limitations, but rather about emotions that can change like night and day.

Next Gigs

Nothing from 6th August 2022 to 6th September 2022.