Gui from Argentina, now based in the lush nature of Florianopolis island, Brazil.

After venturing into several groups and instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals), Gui discovers the world of musical production and founded Expedizion in 2008.

Since then the project works as a base of sonic experimentation, always looking for a sensitive, emotional, mental and spiritual expantion, without forgetting the rule of the 4 sacred L’s: Listen, Live and Love Life !

Expedizion has released through Merkaba Music, Shanti Planti, Triple Drop Productions, Aquatic Collective, ThazDope Recs, Kupuri Music, Cymatic Lab, Neurotrance Rec, Random Rec, Mikelabella rec, Planetary Label, Hispanodelicius rec.

“Gui’s psychedelic downtempo dub music has ascertained a certain character which is unlike any other. Taking influence from the likes of IDM and Dubstep and infusing them with the most cunning structures of world music. Melodies and glistening textures which suggest to the listener, a time of ritual and deep spiritual awakening and understanding is beginning to envelope our collective third eye.” 

-written by Saxon Higgs (Brujo’s Bowl & Beatroots)

Next Gigs

Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th January 2023.