Aavepyörä has been crafting his individual style of dance music since the late 90s. Strongly influenced by oldschool goa, he also  fuses together genres ranging from synthpop to folk, early videogame music, electro and beyond. 

A pioneer of free music, the sounds of Aavepyörä  have spread by word of mouth in the underground since the early 2000s when the tracks first hit the internet.  Each track is crafted as an unique piece of art, nothing is rushed and fashion and current trends are happily disregarded. On any one album  you’re hard pressed to find two tracks that sound alike. 

The weight of the tracks is carried by carefully laid out melodies, and the music is  always optimistic and honestly heartfelt. From squats and street parties to the mountains of Siberia, Aavepyörä has left a trail of happily grinning partygoers behind. A cerebral antidote for the dark days of our times! 

Next Gigs

Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th February 2022.