Itai Argaman discovered his musical world as a young boy, writing his first orchestral composition at the early age of 15.

Later on he was exposed to electronic soundscapes, and started developing his own unique signature sound.During this period of development Itai discovered the world of frequencies and sound engineering and took it one step further with his unique approach and vision.

Using these capabilities Itai creates new sonic dimensions; morphing, twisting and sculpting sounds into a complete musical journey.

These days Itai is composing cinematic scores, producing, engineering and designing sound in his own studio.

Itai’s first Album — ‘My Little Forest’ was released in 2009, reaching an ever-growing worldwide audience, exposing them to his art and passion.

His message of an artistic world without boundaries has begun to seep into the fabric of our existence.

His second album  “Living in a bubble” was released in 2013 and continued Argaman’s search for the perfect, touching sound so unique only to him.

Argaman’s latest album – “LIFE” was released in 2016 and is the perfect combination of relaxed ambient soundscapes.

Itay has an impressive record playing worldwide in countless countries among them – Canada, Turkey, Denmark, Cyprus and more…

Argaman’s music is infused with psychedelic sounds from nature, classic touches and top notch sound engineering.


Nothing from 17th January 2022 to 16th January 2023.